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BioClad holds Dubai Training School for UAE’s Premier Installers of the Future 

BioClad now boasts a fleet of certified Premier Installers across the UAE, ensuring BioClad wall cladding is always installed to the companies exacting standards worldwide.

Worldwide Standard

The BioClad wall cladding Premier Installer training follows recent news of BioClad’s availability across the UAE thanks to a new and exclusive distribution partnership with BASF.

BioClad products can only be installed by trained and certified Premier Installers in both the UK and worldwide. All aspiring installers must attend a comprehensive BioClad training course.

Following this, certified Premier Installers must uphold BioClad’s rigorous installation standards to provide effective application of BioClad wall cladding, ensure the product boasts a seamless finish and offers a 100% hygienic antimicrobial environment in which bacteria cannot survive.

UAE Expansion

BASF can now uphold BioClad standards across the UAE using its new network of trained installers, who will be working on projects in hospitals, healthcare centres, retail and restaurant sites, pharmaceutical environments and much more.

Experienced UK-based installer Gary Brown of Complete Hygiene headed up the course, supported by BioClad’s UAE representative Paddy McGrath.

Mr McGrath said: “The course was a fantastic few days and it was great to have Gary on hand. The crews got the opportunity to experience some hands-on installation, welding and thermoforming. With Gary’s guidance we have unearthed some UAE-based Premier Installers of the future.”

Become a Premier Installer

For more information on BioClad training courses and how to become a BioClad Premier Installer click here.

To discuss installing BioClad on your next project contact us here for a quote.


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