Antimicrobial Hygienic Wall Cladding Pakistan

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BioClad supplies antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding in Pakistan, alongside wall and door protection, safety flooring, IPS Units and many more hygiene solutions across Pakistan.

BioClad antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding Pakistan leads the way in creating hygienic spaces for leading brands in health, hospitals, food, education, leisure, pharmaceuticals and much more.


BioClad wall cladding in Pakistan boasts antimicrobial BioCote® technology, BioClad® products are designed to fight bacteria and microbes to uphold a fully hygienic environment.

BioClad Antimicrobial Hygienic Wall Cladding Pakistan harness the benefits of built-in antimicrobial protection called BioCote®. This silver-ion technology is impregnated into the product during manufacture to reduce microbes by 99.9% in just two hours. It is also proven effective in labs to combat MRSA, E.Coli and Influenza.

BioCote® can be found in BioClad’s PVC hygienic wall cladding, wall and door protection, flooring and IPS units.

Hygienic design-led cladding

BioClad antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding Pakistan prides itself on producing design-led, seamless products and offers first-class installation craftsmanship in order to assists architects and contractors in delivering bespoke hygiene solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Our Elite Installers, well-stocked distribution centres and international partners ensure we can uphold an unrivalled level of service across the globe.

Other BioClad products

BioClad also supply Pakistan with our BioArmis product, which is antimicrobial wall protection for use in communal areas and walkways which are prone to heavy use and can easily be knocked about by trolleys. BioFloor is an antimicrobial safety flooring with a unique non-slip but easy-clean surface. Our BioPod antimicrobial IPS Units are bespoke pods which are pre-plumbed, fully accessible and easy to install and maintain.

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