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Clean Kitchen Walls

Found on the kitchen walls of Pizza Express, McDonalds, KFC, Wasabi, Claridges and many others, BioClad is a PVC wall covering that has been independently proven by the University of Warwick to almost completely eliminate bacteria.

BioClad can be found in kitchens, bars, restaurants and even hospital theatres around the world. Our hygienic wall cladding is an alternative wall covering to tiles that:

– Has lower maintenance cost, no grout means it can just be wiped clean

– It is Impact resistant, doesn’t crack like tiles

– It Can be applied directly over tiles

– Has a 20 year installation warranty

– Is guaranteed to reduce kitchen wall bacteria, microbes & mould for a lifetime

BioClad is part of a family that includes Easyclad – our DIY wall cladding range, and the Vivid Colour Range – a colourful cladding system for front of house areas.

If you would like a quote for BioClad call us today on +44 (0) 330 1000 313.

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