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Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 1

Myth 1. Antimicrobial wall cladding is not as effective as traditional cleaning. 

Unlike hygienic wall cladding, cleaning is a short-term and temporary measure which requires regularity and exceptional levels of attention to detail. Human error, time restraints and budget cuts can all pose a threat to the level of hygiene upheld by traditional cleaning. After cleaning, surfaces are not protected and microbes are free to return and multiply until the surface is next cleaned.

Unlike unprotected surfaces, antimicrobial wall cladding technology works to kill microbes and prevent colonation 24/7. BioClad is not a replacement for cleaning. Combine traditional cleaning, good hand-washing practice and antimicrobial wall cladding and you have a superior hygienic space.

Myth 2. Antimicrobial wall cladding takes a long time to work. Read the truth >>

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