Hygienic cladding for Hospitality

Antimicrobial hygienic cladding for the hospitality industry

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Poor hygiene standards in the hospitality industry can be devastating for both businesses and customers alike, especially when concerning food preparation areas. As well as excellent service and food, reputations in this sector are built on outstanding levels of hygiene, so it’s vital that you put the right solutions in place with wall cladding for commercial kitchens.

With the help of our BioClad® antimicrobial technology, you’re able to cut down the risks of cross-contamination and bacterial spread thanks to 24/7, around the clock protection against E.Coli and a long list of other bacteria and mould. With easy-to-clean surfaces and a multitude of colour finishes, the likes of our hygienic wall cladding and hygienic flooring systems are practical and aesthetically pleasing, as well as offering unparalleled protective wall cladding for commercial kitchens and many other hospitality settings.

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