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BioClad wall cladding to help expansion of neuroscience hospital

BioClad’s Antimicrobial Wall Cladding is to be installed at The Walton Centre to further revolutionise this unique stand-alone brain and spine specialist neuroscience NHS hospital.

Two new theatres are to be built, increasing the existing number of theatres from six to eight and allowing the hospital to expand the life-saving work they do by treating more patients suffering from serious neuro-conditions.

A £2m donation from the Marina Dalglish Appeal, set up by the wife of former Liverpool FC manager and player Kenny Dalglish, will buy an in-theatre intra-operative MRI scanner (iMRI).

The scanner will allow surgeons at The Walton Centre to scan patients during their operation. This will allow doctors to ensure that all, or as much as possible, of a tumour is safely removed during the operation and reduce the chances of a patient needing to return to theatre post-operation.

BioClad’s Antimicrobial Wall Cladding has been specified by construction firm Interserve throughout the extensive work taking place at the Walton Centre. The wall cladding, which contains Biocote unique silver ions to irradiate bacteria by 99.9% in two hours, adds another level of innovation to this groundbreaking neuroscience hospital.

BioClad Wall Cladding comes in a kaleidoscope of colours to help architects and contractors create unique project designs. The Walton Centre will feature Pastel Green throughout the theatres.

Find out more about Bioclad Antimicrobial Wall Cladding.

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