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Bioclad’s First International Healthcare Successes

Healthcare has been Bioclad’s main focus since its introduction to the market, and while that is changing as we develop interest from a number of other growth sectors, our hygienic wall cladding products are ‘made’ for hospital and healthcare installations throughout the world.

Many of these projects are large publicly funded projects and can take several years to mature from initial specification to final installation and sign-off. So it was logical to focus on our domestic market, and to cut our teeth close to home. We are now a regular supplier to NHS installations.

The international healthcare picture is gradually coming together, and started with a couple of projects in Pakistan, and this one at the King Hamad General Hospital, Muharraq, Bahrain where 1,000+m2 of BioClad antimicrobial PVC wall cladding was installed.

Each sheet was fully-bonded to plastered walls and held within a heat weld system. Corners were thermoformed on site to ensure a smooth joint-free radius that provides easy cleaning and prevents a build-up of dirt. All parameter junctions with vinyl floor coving, door frames and window architraves were all sealed – creating a hygienic maintenance-free impact-resistant area, which are power hosed to maintain high levels of hygiene.

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