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Care Home Infection Control

Let’s talk about infection control. Preventing healthcare-associated infection is paramount, particularly in these unprecedented times. Following the announcement of the government’s new £600 million initiative to aid infection control within care homes, it’s critical that such facilities are renovated or built with the highest level of hygiene standards in mind.


Using materials which feature antimicrobial properties is just one of the many things that care homes should consider when looking to improve levels of hygiene. Products such as wall coverings and flooring designed to fight against the spread of infection are essential elements that should be included when planning renovations or introducing new measures to increase cleanliness and hygiene within an environment where this is paramount. 


BioClad products, including our wall cladding and flooring systems, contain BioCote® technology, which works 24-hours a day for the expected lifetime of the product, to provide integral protection against microbes. Installing these systems in a care home or healthcare setting could make a huge difference in increasing levels of hygiene and limiting the spread of infections  


Laboratory tests and real-life studies show that microbe levels on BioCote® protected products are significantly reduced over time. In fact, 80% of microbes are eradicated within 15 minutes and up to 99.99% are gone within 2 hours. Installing these wall coverings and flooring in care homes could significantly help in the fight against viruses such as Covid-19 and other bacteria that can pose a risk to a person’s health, especially the vulnerable, a key demographic of those living in care homes.  


BioClad’s core range of products, including our hygienic PVC cladding and antimicrobial wall cladding, work together to create an ‘antimicrobial bubble’ which helps to uphold the highest level of hygiene standards in any environment. These innovative products, combined with stringent hygiene processes and cleaning practices can help towards reducing the spread of infections and bacteria in environments where the safeguarding of at-risk individuals is essential. 


Here is a shining example of a recent BioClad project. This is a welded installation at a large healthcare facility. Alongside it’s superior antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits, the systems installed provide easy-clean, wipeable surfaces that allows staff more time to focus on critical care procedures whilst being safe in the knowledge that they are working in a hygienic environment.

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