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Getting Rid of Mould Permanently | Antimicrobial Walls


Mould can be a persistent problem in some environments leading to unsightly marks and permanent damage to building. Mould such as Aspergillus Niger, can be found on most surfaces in varying quantities. Mould can lead to respiratory problems and has been linked to fatalities in those with low immune systems. Unlike standard cladding, BioClad hygienic wall cladding contains antimicrobial silver ions, this means that mould, bacteria, microbes and protozoans are reduced by up to 99.9%, permanently.


BioClad is a 2.5mm thick PVC sheet that can be installed onto almost any surface, including over tiles onto block work. Adhesive is applied directly to the back of the sheet which is then applied to the wall. It effectively becomes an extension of the substrate. It can be wiped clean and jet washed (recommended 60cm distance). BioClad hygienic wall cladding can be found on walls in hospitals, bars, hotels, restaurants & residential settings around the world.


All installations come with a 20 year guarantee (UK) and the antimicrobial within BioClad hygienic wall cladding comes with a lifetime warranty to offer a truly permanent solution to getting rid of mould.

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