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The benefits of hygienic wall cladding in the healthcare sector

Protecting lives is critical to the progression of the healthcare industry on a global scale. It is therefore paramount that facilities in this sector are operating at the highest standards, especially when it comes to hygiene.

Whether it’s in a hospital, veterinary surgery, specialised care centre or anywhere else, maintaining a hygienic environment will reduce the spread of bacteria and other harmful viruses. This, in turn, will provide a cleaner working environment for staff members and a more hygienic experience for patients.

In particular, investing in a hygienic wall cladding solution will pose several benefits for working spaces in healthcare. Compared to traditional wall tiles, cladding can save businesses time and money while improving hygienic standards across an entire working space.

Here are just some of the advantages of hygienic wall cladding that businesses in healthcare can take advantage of:

A healthcare environment with hygienic wall cladding

Hygienic wall cladding is cost-effective

Traditional methods of wall installation have to account for external factors including tile adhesive and grout, to name a couple. An effective cladding solution, however, can be installed over an entire wall, meaning that businesses can save money on reconstructing their working spaces to find a solution.

What’s more, an effective hygienic wall cladding product will maintain protection for longer than standard tiles, meaning that businesses will save money by not having to replace walls for the foreseeable future. At BioClad, our antimicrobial solutions come with a 20-year warranty, ensuring that all of our clients in healthcare are prepared for the future.

Enhanced hygienic protection

As hygiene plays such a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, the best solutions must be adopted in order to maintain the safest environment in which to work.

Hygienic wall cladding typically has no porous, grouted areas that can easily harbour bacteria, meaning that they uphold protection for longer, and are easier to clean than traditional walls and tiles.

In healthcare especially, inhibiting the growth of harmful viruses including E.Coli, MRSA and influenza, is crucial, as the spreading of these can cause serious harm to both employees and patients. At BioClad, our antimicrobial solutions contain BioCote silver-ion technology, which works to reduce microbes and bacteria by up to 99.9% in just two hours, providing superior hygienic protection for all working spaces.

Hygienic wall cladding is easier to install

As mentioned previously, hygienic wall cladding panels can be installed directly over walls. As well as saving money, this makes it easier and quicker for installers to make measurements and complete any necessary work.

As well as being easier to install, hygienic wall cladding can be fitted using various methods. Particularly beneficial for healthcare facilities that require products to be installed in unusual environments around specific medical equipment, hygienic panels can be welded or thermoformed around awkward corners or angles to ensure maximum protection.

At BioClad, our Elite Installers follow a stringent process when installing wall cladding panels. For more information, please read our ‘how to fit hygienic wall cladding’ guide.

Hygienic wall cladding in action

If you still aren’t convinced, here is a video showcasing our hygienic wall cladding in action in a range of professional environments:


Ultimately, healthcare projects of all sizes rely on the highest quality in areas where disease control and bacteria elimination are of the utmost importance. When implemented and installed correctly, hygienic wall cladding and ward cladding will help to maintain an environment that is as safe and secure for all.

Our hygienic wall cladding solutions are proven to be effective in revolutionising working spaces for businesses in the healthcare sector. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today!

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