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BioClad Helping to Combat MRSA

The distinction between antibacterial and antimicrobial products is not always properly understood. There is a significant difference.

Look at what it says on the tin! Antibacterial products help to deter only bacteria. Antimicrobial products help to deter a range of potentially harmful micro-organisms including bacteria. So you get a much wider range of protection from antimicrobial products.

BioClad wall panels are impregnated with Biocote at the point of manufacture. This provides 24/7 antimicrobial protection throughout the structure of the panel for the lifetime of the product. BioCote protected products are proven effective against many bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA.

Hospital superbugs are rarely out of the news these days, and they pose a significant worldwide threat. MRSA is probably the most well-known hospital-acquired bacteria, causing skin infections which can be life-threatening. This article from our partners at Biocote provides 5 MRSA facts that you may not have known, together with a number of tips on how we can all avoid an MRSA infection:

For more information about BioClad’s hygienic wall cladding and how it can help you to transform your workplace, please contact our sales team.

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