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BioClad helps to protect against dangers we cannot see

Mould is visual evidence that we constantly live our lives in the presence of a range of micro-organisms. From damp student accommodation, poorly maintained social housing and peeling wallpaper in corners of run-down offices, we have all experienced it to a greater or lesser degree. It looks unpleasant, and we do what we can to keep it at bay because it is a contributor to building decay, and can significantly harm our health.

People with weakened immune systems are naturally more susceptible to infection caused by mould spores, and for otherwise healthy people they can sometimes cause symptoms ranging from unpleasant allergic reactions to symptoms such as itchy eyes, skin irritation to nasal congestion, and to more serious lung infections. We all know that we need to manage mould and reduce our exposure to it.

But while mould is a visual manifestation of the presence of micro-organisms, there are many, many more that we cannot see. BioClad’s hygienic wall cladding was developed to provide an extra buffer against these harmful microbes, with each panel being impregnated at the point of manufacture with silver ion technology from our partners at BioCote. This means that micro-organisms are unable to breed on its surface, and offers 24/7 protection against a whole range of micro-organisms from bacteria to protozoans, fungi, and yes, mould!

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