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BioClad’s antimicrobial solutions reduce microbes by up to 99.9% in two hours

At the end of May, the US Defence Department researchers found that a woman in the USA was carrying bacteria that is resistant to ‘antibiotics of last resort’. The woman carried a strain of E.coli that is resistant to the antibiotic colistin, used as a last resort drug against the more dangerous types of superbug, specifically CRE which has been of real concern to Americans for some years now. Although this particular strain of bacteria can still be treated with other antibiotics, research teams are worried that its colistin-resistant gene could potentially spread to other bacteria.

This is just one of many instances in recent years where the future effectiveness of antibiotics have been called into question, and it begs the question “is prevention better than cure?” The truth is that we need both prevention and cure, with prevention being the barrier that reduces the need for cure. Reducing the incidence of bacteria and other micro-organisms, especially in hygiene critical areas, has become an essential second defense against a range of microbes, the first being for everyone to practice better personal hygiene.

The silver ion technology that we use throughout every panel of BioClad has been independently proven to significantly and quickly reduce the incidence of microbes on its surface. Its protection is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and its integrity is not reduced when the surface is scratched. The technology we use interrupts the breeding cycle of surface microbes, and leads to their eradication in well-maintained critical areas such as operating theatres, kitchens, shower rooms etc that would otherwise provide excellent breeding conditions for micro-organisms.

BioClad panels offer antimicrobial protection. They do not only protect against incidences of bacteria. BioClad offers protection against protozoans, fungi, mould, and a range of other potentially harmful microbes, including bacteria. With BioClad you get a superior second defense barrier for those hygiene-critical areas, and this chart demonstrates just how effective it is. Please don’t just take our word for it. Every batch of BioClad is independently tested, and data from field testing has also been obtained independently. If you would like to know more about our antimicrobial wall cladding and hygienic wall cladding solutions, please give us a call!

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