Corporate & Social Responsibility

BioClad recognises the responsibility it has to the wider community both socially and environmentally.

There are five strands to the BioClad corporate social responsibility policy:

  1. The suppliers that BioClad chooses and the way it deals with them
  2. How BioClad relates to and supplies services to its clients
  3. How BioClad treats its staff
  4. How BioClad business affects its local community and how actively BioClad is involved
  5. What BioClad does that affects the environment and what it can do to reduce pollution & waste


By looking ahead, BioClad is ready to cope with new laws and restrictions. It can avoid unnecessary costs such as wasted energy.

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Policy Key Points

BioClad pledges the following behaviours…


  • Ensure that its website and any brochures are written in plain English, telling the truth without hiding anything in the “small print”
  • Be open and honest about its hygienic wall cladding products and services. BioClad aims to tell all clients what they need to know
  • If something goes wrong, BioClad will always try to acknowledge the problem and deal with it


  • Try to use local suppliers as much as possible. This helps support the community and also reduces the energy wasted in deliveries;
  • Try to ensure that its principal suppliers follow responsible working practices;
  • Try to treat its suppliers fairly, particularly smaller businesses that rely on BioClad, for example, by ensuring that they are paid on time, which can make a big difference to them;
  • Not abuse its position by taking advantage of a business that is relying on BioClad to deal with it an honest and fair way.


  • Treat all staff as individuals and try to be accommodating to each individual’s needs
  • Be aware of the pressures that colleagues face in their personal lives as well as trying to assist where it reasonably can
  • Encourage personal development and support staff with training to enable them to grow within their roles and to acquire new skills
  • Offer flexible working solutions to suit an individual’s needs (provided these can fit within the confines of how BioClad needs to operate)
  • Encourage and support staff engaged in their personal fundraising events for charities which they choose to support
  • Will treat all prospective and existing staff and partners equally and without regard to gender, marital status, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Work with the Community:

  • Encourage all staff members to be involved with local projects and groups, fundraising events and take a responsible part in the local community by acting as school governors, trustees of charities, etc
  • From time to time, sponsor local organisations and events, such as local community activities. The Environmental and Ethical Impact of our Business


BioClad will:

  • Switch off lights and our computer equipment and monitors when they aren’t needed
  • Turn off the radiators before opening the windows
  • Make an effort to reduce the amount of water used (for example by fitting the toilets with smart flushes, and not overfilling the kettle)
  • Try to reduce the amount of paper used by only printing when necessary
  • Recycle the majority of its used paper if the local authority provides the facility
  • Buy goods from local companies to save fuel transportation costs
  • Use the rail network to visit clients where it is reasonably possible to do so
  • Recycle the office’s redundant computer equipment and staff mobile phones
  • Consult “Why Waste: North Yorkshire Materials Exchange” to see if other organisations need those items which are no longer needed or if others have items which might be of benefit to the business

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