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Helping Our NHS

As many have been feasting on boxsets, doing a bit of gardening, and trying to find that elusive 9 pack of toilet roll, work in the Construction Industry has continued, particularly in the Healthcare sector. In challenging times, a number of schemes have had their deadlines brought forward. Not ideal at the best of times, this has proved particularly difficult with dwindling numbers of suppliers and labour. A Contractor that knows this all too well are Parias Commercial Interiors. A Refurbishment Main Contractor, Parias have completed a number of programmes ahead of schedule for several NHS Trusts this month, no mean feat, and have relied on BioClad’s help for elements of these.

BioPod In The NHS

A brand now synonymous with hygienic wall cladding, Bioclad’s BioPod is also becoming a household name with NHS Estates and Capital departments. There have been a number of recent developments to the units and improvements for the Contractor; these include bespoke finishing, an impervious lightweight core, further improved lead times, elimination of flash gaps, and of course a reduced price tag. In the case of the aforementioned projects some units were turned around within a week, ultimately assisting Parias to complete works and allow the NHS to do what they do best, particularly at this challenging time.

Eliminating Flash Gaps

Another development mentioned above and on show in these schemes was the elimination of flash gaps. A somewhat necessary evil due to the constraints of material, delivery, and install, flash gaps have long been accepted despite the bacteria and dirt they harbour. However, Bioclad have developed a way to have them taken out of the equation, as you can see in the photographs, thanks to the smooth PVC finish of the product. Hygienic wall cladding has long been available with ‘welded joints’, and essentially this principle has been taken and applied to the BioPod IPS range. This could be an L shaped Doc-M, a DUHS, or simply incorporating a freestanding wash hand basin unit into a hygienic clad wall, a seamless finish is achievable.

Efficient, Hygienic Designs

The ultra-hygienic nature of the IPS units is supported by the hinged access panels. These are key locked, lightweight and easy to open. This encourages the cleaning and maintenance of the units (antimicrobial as standard), making it effortless and most importantly safe to do so. The fun doesn’t stop there though – there is actually less production and material cost in the seamless units, which helps further reduce the cost.

Helping Our Heroes

The world is in strife currently, closer to home, Britain is encountering a tough time which is only going to get worse. It’s unprecedented, no-one truly knows what is around the corner. The one constant that we have is the NHS, doing a job that unless you are part of is most likely incomprehensible to the average Brit. It would be great to say Bioclad and their products are helping the NHS staff, but in truth like the majority of the country currently, we feel helpless and in debt to those risking their lives to care for our friends and family. Despite a skeleton staff, strictly following the Government guidelines, we are not hiding.

Should any NHS Trust need any BioClad product or advice, we will be there to provide it quicker than ever before.

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We would also like to extend our thanks to Parias Commercial Interiors for choosing us as their supplier for this project. A superb company, a pleasure to work with and one we would highly recommend. 

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