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The Thermoform Advantage

PVC hygienic wall cladding panels have a number of advantages over competitive products. Perhaps the most significant of these is that they provide a smooth, wipe-clean surface, with the 2.5mm thick panels typically being 2.5 or 3.05 metres long (approximately 8 or 10 feet) and 1.22 metres wide (approximately 4 feet). This means that there are fewer joints and no need for grouting, so minimizing the nooks and crannies in which harmful microbes can hide and breed.

As well as covering a flat wall surface, PVC hygienic wall panels can be accurately shaped around both concave and convex corners without affecting the construction or integrity of the panels. So there are no cracks caused in the panels, and this process does not affect in any way the antimicrobial performance of Bioclad. As the following video demonstrates, corner panels are created quickly and simply on site using a thermoforming machine. Panels are bent over a concentrated heat strip that enables a perfect straight line to be formed. 

No corners to chip, no grout to fail, a wider surface area covered with a single panel. Quicker and cheaper to install than many competitive products. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.


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