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Bioclad Installation Quality

One of the major advantages of hygienic wall cladding over ceramic tiles and similar wall covering products is that it is easier, and relatively quick to install. Well, usually!

Most installers love to see a long straight run, maybe along a corridor or in a simply configured room. That way the installation can be completed quickly, and as the old saying goes ‘time is money’.

But some of Bioclad’s installers also relish a challenge, and when they are confronted with difficult angles, multiple corners, obstacles and hinderances, they turn installation into an art form.

Our installers are very much part of the Bioclad Family. Without their dedication, honest feedback, and expertise we would not have been able to grow the business as we have done, nor contemplate introducing Bioclad into international markets.

We are always looking for new installers, wherever you may be, so if you want to be a part of Bioclad’s growing international reputation, please get in touch.

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