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Reducing slips, falls and damages in your bar or restaurant

The hospitality sector is well-known for being active and fast-paced on a regular basis. As a result of this, slips and falls are common which can lead to food and drink spillage and, more worryingly, serious injuries to staff and customers.

Therefore, it is imperative that those in charge of maintaining a safe environment have the most effective safety flooring solution in place to minimise the risk of injuries taking place.

Investing in a slip-resistant flooring solution can save business owners vast amounts of money long term, as well as keeping employees and customers safe.

Our safety flooring product BioFloor is designed to maintain the hygienic qualities of any hospitality environment as well as keeping people safe in preventing slips, trips and falls. 

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Why should you choose BioFloor for your bar or restaurant?

While slips and trips are not uncommon in the hospitality industry and can occur due to a number of reasons (including inappropriate footwear and spillages) it is vital that businesses do as much as they can to keep people safe by adopting the best flooring solution possible.

When it comes to the right flooring solution for a hospitality business, choosing a product that is easy to install and maintain is critical. Fortunately, BioFloor has a high PVC content, meaning that it is easy to weld, and its flexibility makes it easy to flex into coves, corners and the most awkward of spaces.

As well as easy installation, BioFloor contains antimicrobial silver ion technology to ensure that your restaurant or bar is as hygienic as possible. Our easy-to-clean flooring solutions are designed to inhibit the growth of microbes and other harmful bacteria to uphold a clean environment.

Furthermore, when protecting staff members and customers from slips and falls, BioFloor provides superior protection. When pressure is applied by feet to our surface, it grips and provides resistance to minimise any accidents.


Why you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics with BioFloor

Compared to flooring solutions that may only be useful in minimising the risk and preventing slips, trips and falls, BioFloor is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure that your solution is as safe and stylish as possible. For more information on the colours and finishes we have available, visit our Hygienic Flooring Systems page. 


The safety of employees and customers alike should be of absolute paramount importance to restaurant and bar owners. Adopting the right flooring solution can make a significant difference to the overall safety of your space, both in terms of hygiene and welfare.

Our hygienic wall cladding solutions have been tested to kill microbes by up to 99.9% in just two hours. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today!

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