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5-star hygiene ratings for Harrogate businesses using BioClad’s hygienic wall cladding

Last year, an article was published in the Harrogate Advertiser of the 56 restaurants in Harrogate with five-star food hygiene ratings. We are delighted that six of the restaurants we work with in the area have been listed as upholding a 5/5 rating – a feat that’s sure to help attract new customers.

Cote De Brasserie, Byron Burger, Everyman, Five Guys, Yo Sushi and William & Victoria in Harrogate are all recognised as establishments that maintain hygiene standards that are ‘very good’. All of these restaurants have opted for at least one of the products in our innovative range.

At BioClad, we are committed to improving standards for businesses in hospitality. From our hygienic wall cladding solutions to our innovative safety flooring, we are able to transform working environments into long-lasting hygienic spaces.

A kitchen with BioClad hygienic wall cladding

Why is hygiene important for businesses in food preparation?

Maintaining a hygienic food preparation area is critical to ensuring the safety of staff members and customers alike. Without a clean working space, the dangers of contamination increase, which can lead to serious illness.

In severe cases, a poorly maintained kitchen environment can lead to the build-up of E.Coli, which can lead to food poisoning.

A restaurant that cares enough about its staff members and the customers that dine there will ensure that hygiene levels and safe food preparation are prioritised.

Other benefits of maintaining hygiene levels in restaurants:

As well as keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a hygienic environment can be beneficial for restaurant owners in other ways:

Easy cleaning

A well-maintained food preparation environment is inherently easier to clean than a dirty one. With the right products in place, kitchen staff will be able to ensure that hygiene levels remain high long term.

BioClad’s advanced PVC hygienic wall cladding can be regularly cleaned with hot soapy water, as opposed to tiles that build up grout, which can become difficult to clean.

More time to focus on food preparation

Restaurants want to be known for the quality of their food. If kitchen staff are preoccupied with spending too long cleaning dirty kitchen areas, they have less time to focus on their food, which means the business can ultimately suffer.

As these businesses are providing a service for the general public, they want to ensure that their offering is as good as it can be. This, of course, means that any distractions like poor hygiene should be ridden.

How BioClad products maintain hygienic standards

As mentioned above, our innovative range of products help businesses to maintain a clean professional space/environment. We understand that restaurants have a responsibility to keep their customers and staff members safe, which is why our products are designed to reduce bacteria and microbes effectively.

Our antimicrobial range has been tested and proven to reduce microbes by up to 99.9% in just two hours. Especially effective in kitchen and food preparation areas, as our work with the brands mentioned above has shown, we are able to construct a solution to meet the needs of our clients.

BioClad’s hygienic wall cladding solutions are proven to be effective in transforming working environments into hygienic spaces for businesses in several professional sectors. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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