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The benefits of hygienic wall cladding in schools

The safety of both students and staff members will be the number one priority for those in charge of managing educational facilities. With this in mind, it is vital that the school building is structured and protected in the best way possible.

When it comes to maintaining a clean environment for all, investing in hygienic wall cladding can prove to be a practical, cost-effective solution, due to its enhanced hygienic properties as well as its ease of installation across several areas including kitchens, shower areas and laboratories.

So, how exactly can hygienic wall cladding benefit schools? We’ve listed three advantages below:

Croxteth Primary School

Enhanced hygienic protection

While it may seem obvious, a hygienic wall cladding solution will protect working spaces more than traditional methods, such as tiling. Typically, wall cladding has no grouted areas that allow bacteria to build-up or unsightly dirt and mould growth, meaning that they uphold protection for longer than tiles. The best solutions will also be resistant to a wide range of chemicals typically found in working areas.

Schools have a responsibility to keep all students, staff members and visitors safe, meaning they cannot afford to ignore the importance of good hygiene throughout, making hygienic wall cladding the perfect solution.


Those in charge of managing an educational facility have several areas of the building to consider when protecting their space. With so many areas, including commercial kitchens, shower areas and classrooms to consider, traditional solutions can prove to be expensive.

Hygienic wall cladding, however, is a dust-free speedy installation process that doesn’t entail the many post-install washes that tiles require. This reduces the labour cost dramatically, which is associated with laying individual tiles, meaning that projects can be completed within school budgets and during half-term holidays.

Long-lasting protection

Hygienic wall cladding panels do not typically flake or corrode, meaning they will be able to provide protection in several areas for longer than traditional methods.

Particularly in a school, which is typically more prone to accidents and damage when compared to the average working environment, the durable nature of a high-quality cladding solution can prove to be advantageous.

BioClad’s hygienic wall cladding solutions for educational facilities

Here at BioClad, we create and install hygienic wall cladding solutions for schools, colleges and universities. The antimicrobial additives in our products have been independently tested and proven to kill microbes by up to 99.9%. Below are just some of the projects we have worked on:

Croxteth Primary School, Liverpool

Croxteth Primary School specified BioClad’s innovative digital range of products for their front of house areas, as well as our antimicrobial wall cladding for their commercial kitchens and disabled shower areas.

In choosing an antimicrobial solution, 350 students and members of staff are now working in a more hygienic environment. For more information on our work with Croxteth Primary School, please click here.

University of Portsmouth Dental Academy

The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy specified our antimicrobial wall linings as part of a £1.3m upgrade, designed to meet infection control and health and safety measures.

Opting for an effective hygienic wall cladding solution has provided a safer working environment for over 170 students every year. For more information on our work with the University of Portsmouth, please click here.


Ultimately, with so many individuals visiting schools on a daily basis, the need for a clean and durable environment is essential. Investing in the right hygienic wall cladding solution will make this inherently easier.

At BioClad, our hygienic school cladding solutions are specifically designed to uphold protection in educational facilities. To discuss your project, please contact us today.

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