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Here at BioClad we get a lot of questions about our products. Our site is full of information regarding the benefits of our cladding and the properties of our antibacterial products. Below we have answered some of our more recently asked questions which should provide details to any queries you may be having in relation to BioClad services. 


What is antibacterial PVC?

Antibacterial PVC is a synthetic plastic (also known as polyvinyl chloride) which contains antibacterial technology. This technology helps to reduce harmful bacteria and other microbes that come into contact with the material surface by 99.99%. Our antibacterial PVC contains BioCote which is an antimicrobial technology and a globally recognised company that has been providing antimicrobial additives for over 20 years.


How flexible is PVC hygienic wall cladding?

PVC hygienic wall cladding can be integrated using a vinyl floor 2-part joint detail which provides excellent levels of flexibility. This highly flexible joint detailing allows either the flooring or the cladding to be installed first.


How to fit hygienic wall cladding?

When choosing BioClad, we also provide installation services from our highly qualified team of installers. More info on integrating our products into your space can be found in our blog post which details everything you need to know on how to fit hygienic wall cladding


How to control infection in hospitals?

We often get asked how our products can aid infection control in hospitals. Amongst the many cleaning and hygiene guidelines that healthcare providers need to adhere to, our antimicrobial wall cladding can provide a number of benefits to the sector. Installation of our products can help control infection in hospitals due to its antibacterial properties which help reduce harmful bacteria by up to 99.99%, helping to reduce the spread of known viruses.


What kind of cladding can you use in a commercial kitchen?

When choosing wall cladding for a commercial kitchen, there are many options to consider. One which we provide here at BioClad is hygienic wall cladding which contains antibacterial technology that can help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and cross-contamination in busy commercial kitchens. Many well-known eateries within the industry have chosen BioClad for their cladding solutions, including Byron Burger, Yo Sushi and Five Guy’s.  


Want to know more about our services? You will find technical specifications for all of our designs on each of our product pages. We also have plenty of insight into how our antibacterial products can help particular industries such as hospitality and education. Below are links to some of our most popular products as well as sectors which can benefit from the installation of antimicrobial cladding. 

Antimicrobial Wall Cladding

Hygienic Wall Cladding





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