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The proven antimicrobial protection in BioClad

The presence of harmful bacteria, superbugs and microbes is something that continues to spark debate across the healthcare sector on a global scale, as the future effectiveness of antibiotics continues to be called into question.

While practising better hygiene is something that is promoted all over the world, maintaining a clean space in hygiene-critical areas is now widely believed to be the second essential defence against the incidence of bacteria and microorganisms.

Here at BioClad, we are proud to do our bit to help businesses maintain clean workspaces/environments. Our solutions contain silver ion antimicrobial additives, which work to reduce microbes by 99.9% in just two hours.

Walls with antimicrobial protection

The importance of maintaining a hygienic working space

Back in 2016, it was revealed that US Defence Department researchers had found that a woman was carrying bacteria that is resistant to ‘antibiotics of last resort’. The woman carried a strain of E.Coli that is resistant to the antibiotic colistin, which is used as a last resort drug against dangerous types of superbug, specifically CRE.

This, of course, plunges the future of antibiotics into significant doubt, as they may prove to be ineffective in treating or curing serious strains of bacteria. This, of course, as previously mentioned, further highlights the importance of maintaining an environment that is clean and durable to prevent the spread of viruses.

How BioClad’s antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding protects against microbes

The silver ion BioCote technology that we use throughout every panel of BioClad has been independently proven to significantly reduce the incidence of microbes on its surface by 99.9% in just two hours, protecting against protozoans, fungi, mould, and a range of other potentially harmful bacteria.

The antimicrobial protection in BioClad also works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and its integrity is not reduced when the surface is scratched. The technology we use interrupts the breeding cycle of surface microbes and leads to their eradication in well-maintained critical areas such as kitchens, operating theatres and offices spaces.

How can you prove that your panels provide antimicrobial protection?

To protect the authenticity of our antimicrobial wall cladding against standard PVC sheets and to prove the longevity of the antimicrobial protection, we have created the BioPen Test. Our Business Development Manager Sylvester explains more in this video:

As Sylvester summarises above, the green dot test is used to detect the antimicrobial additives in our panels. The green dot will not appear when shined on standard PVC. It will, however, appear when shined on our antimicrobial panels, thus proving its enhanced protection.


As it becomes increasingly important for businesses to maintain a hygienic space, particularly in the healthcare sector, investing in a durable hygienic wall cladding product can prove to be an effective solution. Fortunately, our products have all been designed with hygiene in mind.

Our hygienic wall cladding solutions are proven to be effective in revolutionising working spaces for businesses in several professional sectors. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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