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Why you should adopt an office cladding solution with antimicrobial protection

Increasing regulatory pressures and hygiene standards mean that business owners have seen a rise in responsibility to provide a safe and secure working environment for all of their employees, in any professional industry.

It is therefore essential to research how different forms of protection can serve to provide a hygienic, clean and professional looking workspace in order to keep up with the varying demands of the modern workforce.

Here at BioClad, we believe that office cladding can be made simple by investing in an antimicrobial solution, and there are several reasons why.

Office cladding

The benefits of office cladding

An effective office cladding solution will serve to protect any commercial environment by providing a clean, easy-to-install surface throughout. Compared to other solutions, office cladding is low maintenance as it typically requires less cleaning or repairing.

As well as being easy to install, office cladding can serve as a cost-effective method compared to other solutions available, as it can be installed over any surface, thus providing superior hygienic protection while saving business leaders time and money.

At BioClad, our antimicrobial solutions are perfect for maintaining a hygienic workspace for all, and have been installed across a vast range of projects including modular builds, office fit-outs, retail and car garage refurbishments to name just a few. Visit our commercial wall cladding panels section for more information on our work in this sector.


How antimicrobial protection can secure working spaces

A typical office environment is exposed to various types of bacteria on a continual basis. With so many different people accessing the building daily, there are always ample opportunities for bacteria and microbes to grow.

Fortunately, antimicrobial technology works to provide a superior solution. It is highly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes: this includes bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses.

At BioClad, our office cladding solutions contain antimicrobial silver ion technology, which has been proven to kill microbes by up to 99.9% in just two hours. Visit our antimicrobial technology page for more information.


Establishing a high-quality working space can ultimately go a long way in improving business operations. For offices of all shapes and sizes, making the process of maintaining a safe and secure environment long term can be made much more straightforward for business leaders by choosing an office cladding solution that provides superior antimicrobial protection.

Our hygienic wall cladding solutions for offices work to uphold hygiene without compromising on design aesthetics. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today!

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